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by Henri Picciotto
math education consultant

* I marked articles relevant to more than just math teachers with an asterisk.


The Common Core High School Math State Standards — a closer look.

There is no one way: effective teachers constantly broaden their repertoire, and learn to make choices that may not come naturally. The Art of Teaching* worksheet may help.

"Art of Teaching" slides, also including slides on transitioning to a longer period*: online | Keynote

It is a companion to "Nothing Works", an article and a talk (outline, slides) in which I present some of my techniques.

I focus on a subset of these in a presentation on "Serving Our Strongest Students" (slides), and "Creating a Problem-Solving Culture" (slides).

A guide to lagging homework, a key technique in managing classroom heterogeneity. The document also includes suggestions on scheduling assessments and general planning advice.

An argument for a tool-rich pedagogy, which helps deepen understanding, as well as reach more students.

A remix of some of the above into a presentation on Reaching the Full Range of students:

(Slides: html | Keynote) | Shorter version: recorded webinar | Even shorter: recorded webinar

An article on teaching in the long period*.

Time Pressure: Bad for Students, Bad for Teachers, a five-minute Ignite presentation.

The Assessment Trap: how some approaches to assessment undermine learning, and what to do about it.

Building a Math Department

An argument against hyper-acceleration of students in math. Sooner is not necessarily better.

Documents I have written for the Urban School Math Department:
Heterogeneous Classes
Group Work
A presentation on teacher collaboration (slides):
2003 version*, for independent school leaders
2008 version, for math teachers and math department chairs
2012 version*, for independent school teacher-leaders

A one-page list of useful books and resources for math teachers, reflecting my interests and quirks. (Last updated in 2009.)

The outline of a workshop for beginning teachers: Everything I Know.

Why I Use the Interactive Whiteboard

Articles I co-authored with Jonathan Howland, the Dean of Faculty at The Urban School:
Depth vs. Breadth*, The Urban Community, April 1999. Slides* (2015): online | Keynote
Teacher Collaboration*, Independent School, Spring 2003
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